Blue Baron Energy, LLC
Oil and Gas Brokerage
Norman, OK

Blue Baron Energy, LLC is a full-service oil and gas landman brokerage based in Norman,
Oklahoma.  Our land team consists of experienced, meticulous and aggressive personnel.
Whether it’s producing ownership reports or due diligence, leasing mineral interest, settling
surface damages or performing any other tasks associated with land exploration and
production, we pride ourselves on our passion for accuracy and efficiency.  

Blue Baron Energy LLC specializes in leasehold management and title verification, though
the range of services we provide to our clients is extensive. It is our policy to send detailed
reports on a weekly basis to our clients in order to ensure that all pertinent information
regarding their prospect is promptly conveyed and assimilated. We feel these
communications are vital in cementing the working relationship with our clients and in
guaranteeing production and growth within each prospect.
Our landmen have experience in the following fields:

  • HBP title
  • Mineral and Surface title
  • Lease processing
  • Leasehold Management
  • Mineral Purchases
  • Acquisition/Divestiture Due Diligence        
  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission Work
  • Texas Railroad Commission Work
  • Settling Surface Damages
  • Right-of-Way Purchases (Electrical & Pipeline)
  • Title Curative/Curing Title Opinions